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         Post Office Box 220656
                West Palm Beach, FL 33422-0656


                            WELCOME TO Saratoga Bay   We welcome you and are pleased that you have selected Saratoga Bay. 

          As a resident of Saratoga Bay, we would like to encourage you to participate and support the efforts of the Board and its Committees. 

          We have compiled the following information to assist your move to be as smooth as possible and hope that you will find this information informative and helpful.

          If there are any questions or additional information you need, please do not hesitate to contact a Board Member or a Committee Chairman.




Signature of Welcome Committee Member                 Date____________


Web Site:  www.saratogabay.com


Your present Board of Directors for the year March 2017 – March 2018 are as follows:



  Lane  Klaushas                       President                                 561-718-8616
       Blanche D'Amore            Vice President                          561-689-8796
        Susan Carlisle                       Secretary                                561-689-2492

       Paul Azzuro                                Treasurer                                  561-714-0828

      John Van Bourgondien              Officer                                           




            Landscape Committee           John Van Bourgondien                  

          Security Committee                G. Menningmann                        561-689-1932

             Welcome Committee              Loraine Cates                       561-478-1193                                                                       

          Architectural Committee        Susan Carlisle                    561-689-2492

                                                          Paul Azzurro                       561-714-0828

            Financial                                      John Cates                                   561-478-1193



Please note above the web site for information regarding the homeowners association.


Maintenance fees include-

 Security System         (Alarm Partners) Monthly monitoring of the alarm   

                                      System in your home.

           Garbage removal       (Waste Management) twice a week, removal of

                                                garbage, yard waste and large items.

            Cable                          (Comcast) monthly basic cable service.

            Lawn                          (Luna Landscaping) maintenance and upkeep of the

                                                 common area (front yard of your home)

            Pest                             (Luna Landscaping) maintenance of the common

                                                     areas and front yard of your home.                                         

            Water                          Monthly water usage and sewage.


Maintenance Fees

          Due the lst day of January, April, July, October.  If not paid by the 30th of the  month, a $25.00 late fee penalty will be applied.


Security Committee- is responsible for overseeing the front gate security system,  monitoring the system and the marquee listings of residents.

  Please contact  the committee chairman and advise of any problems with the front gates.


Front Entrance Security Gate

          Your name will appear on the marquee.  Access is obtained by a remote  
           Clicker.  Please contact Paul Azzurro to purchase remotes for $25.00 each.                

          Any changes that need to be made to the marquee, change of phone number

           or name should be submitted to the SECURITY COMMITTEE. 


Security System - Alarm Partners

         The monthly monitoring fee is paid directly by the Association.  Every home is     

equipped  with a central security system that is monitored through a central office.  Contact Dell at Alarm Partners, 1-800-330-5056 to personalize your alarm.  The charge for this service is $79.50.  Your alarm should be set at all times.  It is a good idea to cover the keypad or the side window located adjacent to the front door.  Do not leave your garage remote in a car parked outside. 


Landscape Committee is responsible to oversee and monitor the work performed by the ground’s maintenance company, the pest control company, and the irrigation company that have been contracted by the Association.  The Association is responsible for the trees, shrub trimming, fertilizing and pest control. The Association is responsible for the common areas and front yards of the residences.  This includes the maintenance of the lawns, trees, shrub trimming, fertilizing and pest control.  The Association is responsible for the operation of the sprinkler system located in the common areas and front yards only.  Back yard sprinklers are the responsibility and expense of the resident.  You may use the Association's landscaper for work in your backyard at your expense.  The landscaper is Luna Landscaping, phone number 433-1019


Cable TV - Comcast
           Basic monthly cable fee is included in your quarterly maintenance.

            Please contact the cable company for cable boxes or special features directly.

            For phone number and account number see listing of local services.


Pressure Cleaning:

The front sidewalks, including the walk to the back gate, the driveways, curbs and gutters will be cleaned by the Association once a year in the fall.  You can always pressure clean anytime you feel the need at your own expense.

 House Painting:

          You will be required to keep the outside paint on your home clean and painted when necessary.  If you fail to do so you will be contacted by the Association's architectural committee.  The roof will be pressured clean and painted by the Association according to the schedule listed in the budget on the last page.  This does not include replacement of the roof or repairs to roof which is the responsibility of the owner.

 Exterior Changes:

          NO CHANGES OR ALTERNATIONS - without written approval.  ANY changes from the original appearance of your home must be submitted in writing to the Architectural Control Committee for APPROVAL, Per Article VIII of the

By-laws.  This includes exterior landscaping, paint color (color charts are available)

front entrance enclosures, pools, patio enclosures, etc.        


Homeowners are personally responsible for reporting problems or requesting services from local service providers.

 Florida Power & Light                 561-697-8000             Electric and Streetlights

AT&T                                        1-866-620-6000           Telephone

Comcast Cable                              561-655-3842               (Acct# 01641 318399-01-3)

Alarm Partners                            1-800-330-5056           Security System

Postal Service                                 561-615-8307             Mailbox

WPB Trash Collection                  561-822-2078                    Rubbish Removal

Solid Waste Authority                   866-639-2467             Recycle bins

Fire                                                  561-833-0811             Fire

Police                                               561-822-1900 or 911


Garbage Pickup

Garbage is defined as household refuse and is to be placed in large plastic bags and

placed inside the container supplied by the City of West Palm Beach. The container must be placed curbside on the day of pick up before 6:00AM or the night before and removed back into your garage as soon as possible. Only trash in the container will be picked up!!


          Solid Waste Authority provides yellow bin for newspapers and magazines and

           blue bin for plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles (Thursday pick up)

           MONDAY and THURSDAY- Garbage and bulk items

           THURSDAY- Every home has a blue and a yellow container for recycling.

           Yard clippings and large items, i.e., hot water tank, dishwasher, etc. should

            Placed on the road close to the grass.  The equipment used to pick up                                                  

            these items items will dig up the grass if not placed on the road.


Garbage Can and Recycle Bins

          Return can and bins to garage or behind gate as soon as possible and before  the morning of the following day.


Mail Box

If the previous owner does not furnish you with the mailbox keys, the lock can be changed.  The new locks can be purchased at Home Depot and they are relatively  simple to install.


Change of Resident

Any changes from the present owner to a new owner or to a lessee, requires an application for Certificate of Approval to be completed and submitted prior to any change.  An application fee of $100.00 is required.


Association Meetings

          They are held on the 4th Monday of every month at Shiloh Community Center at 7:00 p.m.  Owner participation is welcome. Suggestions and complaints are to be submitted in writing and directed to the Association or Committee Chairman


 Recreation Facilities Within the Villages

           As a resident of Saratoga Bay you are entitled to use the facilities including tennis courts and pool at Faircloth Park on Saratoga Road, Perini Park on Cumberland Drive and Shiloh Park on Shiloh Drive.  You will need a pass that can be obtained at Perini Park located on Cumberland Dr.  A copy of your Warranty Deed or executed lease agreement will be required to obtain the pass.





3199 Cumberland Drive    West Palm Beach, FL 33409

PHONE (561) 689-5088        FAX (561) 689-9146


The Villages of Palm Beach Lakes Property Owners Association is an umbrella association, serving all associations within The Villages of Palm Beach Lakes. The Property Owners Association is responsible for maintaining the medians and recreational facilities within The Villages. Each member of each association is assessed through their individual association to cover the cost of said maintenance.


There are three parks within The Villages that are available to each resident. Listed below is a brief description of each park along with their location.


FAIRCLOTH PARK - Located on Shiloh Drive, this park consists of four lighted tennis courts, four racquetball courts, one basketball court, one sand volleyball court, large swimming pool with kiddie pool, children's playground and jogging trail. The Recreation room may be reserved for Homeowner's meetings or small gatherings. Picnic tables, grills and additional landscaping have been added to this park for your enjoyment!

CUMBERLAND PARK - Located on Cumberland Drive, this park is truly one of the Village's greatest assets! With eight tennis courts, four racquetball courts, basketball court, sand volleyball court, two softball fields, large swimming pool with kiddie pool and children's playground, this park has something for everyone!


SARATOGA PARK - Located on Saratoga Road, the Saratoga park is the last, but not least of our facilities. In keeping with this peaceful, country setting, a large picnic area with grills, tables, and Adirondack chairs has been added and may be reserved for friendly "get togethers"! Two tennis courts, small swimming pool and kiddie pool, volleyball net, and playing field, make this park a great place to be, whether you're out for a little exercise or a day of relaxation!

As a resident of The Villages of Palm Beach Lakes, you are entitled to the use of all these facilities. Membership, however, is a privilege, which may be revoked for failure to obey all park rules and regulations! Recreation pass and picture I.D. are required at all times. Ask your Park Attendant for details!





The definitions contained in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Saratoga Bay are incorporated herein as part of these Rules and Regulations.


The owners and lessees of each lot in the general plan of development shall

abide by each and every term and provision of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, and each and every term and provision of the Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws of the Association.


      2.       No bicycles, tricycles, scooters, baby carriages or other similar vehicles

                or toys shall be allowed to remain in the common areas.  The sidewalks,

                walkways, streets and parking areas shall not be obstructed or used for

                any other purpose other than for ingress to and egress from the lots and

                common areas.


Any damage to the common elements, property, or equipment of the

           Association caused by any lot owner, his family member, guest, invitee

           or lessee shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of each lot owner.


4.        A.         A lot owner/occupant will not park or position his vehicle so as to  prevent access to another lot.  The lot owners, their families, guests, invitees, licensees, and lessees will obey the posted parking and traffic regulations installed by the Association for the safety, convenience and welfare of all lot owners/occupants.


   B.  No occupants of any lot/house in Saratoga Bay shall be permitted to park their vehicles on the streets of the community.  Temporary guest vehicles may park on the street. 


5.       No lot owner/occupant shall do or permit any assembling or disassembling of motor vehicles except within his garage.  Each lot owner/occupant shall be        required to clean his driveway of any oil or other fluid discharged by his motor vehicle.


No transmitting or receiving serial, satellite dish or antenna shall be attached to or hung from any part of the common areas.Any such device to be hung on any residence must be hung on the back of each residence, unable to be seen from any road and be pre-approved by the Architectural Review Committee.Those in place as of the date of these revisions are grandfathered in.


 7.    No clothesline or other similar device shall be allowed on any portion of  the community.


   8.        All garbage from the lots shall be deposited with care in each lot owner’s

          garbage container provided by the City.  No garbage or refuse shall be

          deposited in any common area for any reason, except on the correct days

          of the week for pick-up and removal.   No littering shall be done or

          permitted on the Association property.  If a private landscape company is

          contracted by a homeowner, it then is that homeowner’s responsibility

           to inform their private landscape company  to remove yard waste from

          the homeowner’s property that same day.   For purposes of collection,

          yard waste is defined as shrubs, tree prunings, or any vegetation. All

          garbage containers shall remain out of sight or in the garage when not

          placed for pick-up on the correct days for pick-up.


    9.       A.   No commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, camper, trailer, boat, van,

(which does not include “mini” vans for passenger use such as the Honda  Odyssey, Chrysler Town and Country or similar), or truck of any kind shall park or be parked at any time on any portion of the common areas, except for commercial vehicles, vans, or trucks delivering goods or furnishing services.


              B.     Commercial vehicles, vans (as defined above), trucks, trailers, boats

                       or campers shall not park or be permitted to park overnight on any

                        portion of the common areas or on any lot (except within the confines

                        of a garage).


         The Association shall have the right to authorize the towing away of any

          such vehicles in violation of this rule with costs and fees, including

          attorneys’ fees, if any, to be borne by the vehicle owner or violator.


See Article IV, paragraph 8 of the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions.


No garage doors shall be permitted to remain open except for temporary

          purposes, and the Board may adopt further rules for the regulation of the

          opening of garage doors.


     No “For Sale” sign shall be placed on any property except in a front

         window, either garage or kitchen.   The ”For Sale” sign is not to exceed

         18 inches by 24 inches in size.


All front doors of all residences’ shall be white.A lot owner/occupant

     may request that Architectural Review Committee to install a glass

     door with white trim.  Such installation shall only be made after prior



Complaints regarding the management of the Association property, or

         regarding the actions of other lot owners, their families, guests, or lessees

         shall be made in writing to the Association and shall be signed by the

         complaining lot owner.


Any consent or approval given under these Rules and Regulations by the

         Association may be revocable at any time by the Board.


These Rules and Regulations may be modified, added to, or repealed in

        accordance with the By-Laws of the Association.


                                                       By Resolution of the Board of Directors of the

                                                       Saratoga Bay Homeowners Association, Inc.



Updated:  July 2015



City of West Palm Beach, Florida

Revised 1996




DEFINITION:     For purposes of collection, bulk items are defined as household appliances, furniture, mattresses and large household items too bulky to be bagged.


GUIDELINES:               Bulk items must be placed for collection at curbside after 6 p.m. the day before collection. Containers must be retrieved before the end of the day of collection.


Household appliances such as old refrigerators (doors must be removed), stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers, also mattresses and furniture will be picked up twice a week. These items must be placed beside the garbage cans. If a special need arises that bulk items must be placed out other than during the designated time, please call the Engineering & Public Works Department (659-8047) to arrange for a special pick-up. There may be a charge for this special pick-up.




DEFINITION:     For purposes of collection, garbage is defined as household refuse subject to decay, including food residue and such wastes as cans, bottles, paper, cardboard boxes and other small debris.


GUIDELINES:               Garbage must be placed for collection at curbside after 6 p.m. the day before collection. Containers must be retrieved before the end of the day of collection.


Fold cardboard boxes flat. Do not exceed four (4) foot lengths. Bundle and tie the boxes so that they do not exceed 50 pounds. Then place them beside your recycling bins.



Fruits such as mangoes and watermelons and other materials which would decay MUST be placed in garbage containers and put out for garbage collection. Such items MAY NOT be placed with yard waste or bulk items.


ALL liquids must be drained from garbage.

Cat litter and Sawdust must be bagged and placed for garbage collection,

Hypodermic needles MUST be carefully sealed before being put into garbage container.


YARD WASTE                        DAYS OF COLLECTION       THURSDAYS


DEFINITION: For purposes of collection, yard waste is defined as shrubs, tree prunings or any green vegetation.


Yard waste must not be contaminated with garbage or bulk items. Yard waste must NOT be placed in cardboard boxes.

Yard waste may be stored only on or in front of the property producing such refuse.


For collection, small lawn cuttings and trimmings should be put in plastic bags and placed with yard waste for collection. ANY SMALL TRIMMINGS PLACED WITH YARD WASTE WILL NOT BE SWEPT UP BY CITY PERSONNEL. Any debris that remains after large material is removed must be cleaned up by the resident.


THE CITY WILL NOT COLLECT YARD WASTE LEFT BY LANDSCAPE AND LAWN SERVICE COMPANIES. These service companies are responsible for the removal of all debris and trimmings from the property.    


Yard waste may include items like large tree limbs and tree stumps not exceeding (4) inches in diameter, four (4) feet in length or 50 pounds in weight. This yard waste may be placed for collection only on CITY DESIGNATED PICK-UP DAYS.


The allowable limit is seven cubic yards (4 feet wide x 12 feet long x 4 feet high). Any material placed for collection prior to the authorized period may cause a special pick-up charge to be levied.

NO YARD WASTE ITEM SHALL BE PLACED FOR COLLECTION AGAINST OR WITHIN TEN (10) FEET OF ANY WALL, FENCE, TREE, GUY WIRE, VEHICLE, OR ANY OTHER OBSTRUCTION. Doing so prevents pick-up by the loaders. Yard waste may not extend more than four (4) feet into the paved street as this presents a hazard.



Our solid waste service does not include building materials left by contractors or construction tradesmen. Those materials must be removed by the contractor or construction tradesmen. HOMEOWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DISPOSING OF HOME REPAIR DEBRIS, for example, cabinets, drywall, fencing, concrete, roofing, piping, plumbing fixtures, etc.


Our solid waste service does not include the removal of tires, sod, dirt, wood, building materials, concrete, either loose or containerized.


Hazardous wastes, for example, paint, used oil, pesticides, car batteries, etc., will not be collected with garbage, yard waste or bulk items. Please contact the Solid Waste Authority at 687-1100 for advice on disposal of such wastes.


Dead animals will not be collected with garbage, yard waste or bulk items. Please call the Engineering and Public Works Department at 659-8047 for advice on disposal of these wastes.


Our service does not include the pick-up of large containers such as 55-gallon drums or paint cans. These items must be disposed of through the Solid Waste Authority.




Special pick-up of yard waste or bulk items can be arranged by telephoning the Engineering and Public Works Department. This service depends upon the availability of manpower and equipment, and the status of the regular collection schedule. A SPECIAL FEE MAY BE CHARGED.

A special fee per cubic yard will be charged for yard waste or bulk item piles contaminated with garbage and also for oversized piles.




The owners, tenants or their agents, whether improved or unimproved, shall be responsible for keeping the following areas free from garbage and refuse at all times. Exclusive of those periods immediately prior to collection, said areas to include the entire premises as well as the yards and one-half of the alley right-of-way, street right of way and/or easement adjoining such property.



Saratoga Bay H.O.A., Inc. Budget

Budget Item

Year 2014

Year 2015

Accounting Contract



Misc. Administration



Tree & Sidewalk Repair



Contingency Catch All



Concast Cable TV



Water, Sewer & Trash



Sewer Water Repairs






Electric Expense






Guardhouse/Gate Maintenance









Palm Tree Maintenance



Landscape Maintenance



Landscape Refurbish



Legal Expense



Pressure Cleaning



Security Alarm Service



Villages POA Assessment



Roof Reserve Cleaning (2 Year Work Due 2015)



Roof Reserve Painting (6 Year Work Due 2019)



Security Reserve



Paint Common Wall Reserve (7 Year Work Due 2020)



Road Reserve (6 Year Work Due 2019)



Tree Pruning Reserve (4 Year Work Due 2018)



Landscape Replacement



Mailbox Reserve



Excess funds in operating account






Less Interest Income



Total Budget



Total Quarterly Assessment



Quarterly Assess. Per Home



Quarterly Assessment to the Dollar


 $           940

Saratoga Bay HOA

Beautiful 122 Home Community centrally Located adjacent to Bear Lakes Golf Course