Newspapers are delivered by a third party, Moonlight Distribution, aka Moonlight Divas, they can be reached at 561-383-9991. If a resident does not receive a paper, in order to receive a credit, you MUST contact the paper (Palm Beach Post, NY Times, etc..) directly.

Roof Cleaning has been completed on the south side of the community along with a few houses on the north side. The Association recently hired a new contractor to complete the remainder of the homes, tarps will be used to cover bushes. This should begin on March 8, 2021. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not approach the contractor, contact members of the Board at to address your concern. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you to Ali Yassine and John Van Bourgondien for assisting in this project.

The Association has purchased a new front gate call box. The new system will operate almost the same as the old one but it will have some new and updated features: We hope all residents will use the call box to ensure the safety of our community.

Almost all residents are set up in the Call Box Directory. However, some names or numbers may need to be updated. If you are not set up, unsure or have any questions, please send an email to Thank you to Hendrik Hoch and Nancy Sarkisian for assisting in this project.

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